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ACI After Market Components

ACI Gear Bearing Only: Includes Bolts & Washers

ACI Gear Bearing Kit: Includes: Gear Bearing-Pinion, Pinion-Bushings-Drive Gear
Bushings, Bolts, Washers
Custom Manufacturer of Tire Handling Equipment

We offer BOTH New & Used components for IMT Cranes!
ACI also offers a vast assortment of accessories to cater to your needs!!
Fully proportional radio remote control control system. Convert your mechanic cranes from tether control to radio control with the NEW ACI Conversion Kit!!

Convert Lever or Tether Remote to ACI Radio Remote for Mechanic Cranes
Replace Tether with ACI Tether
Convert Lever or Tether Remote to ACI Radio Remote for Tire Service
Air filters for Champion Air Compressors.
Air Gauge.
Air Quick Coupler.
In-Line Check Valve.
Pilot Contorl Valve.
Pop-Off Valve.
Pulleys, Hooks and Pins of ALL sizes.
Intermediate Gears.
Drive Gears.
Pinion gears for ALL IMT cranes and hands. 
Brass bushings for ALL IMT FEC cranes and hands.
Repair kits for IMT hydraulic crane breaks.
Polished door latches & hinges for service bodies.
Wear pads for ALL IMT - FEC cranes and hands. 
Love-Joy coupler for ACI & Stellar air compressors.
H.D. gear box for IMT - FEC tire manipulators.

PTO's for manual & automatic transmissions. 

  • Manual Shift 
  • Air Shift
  • Hot Shift
Hydraulic pumps & motors for ALL crane compressors & hand applications. 
Filter - ACI Super Charger, 3 micron filter

In Stock - $34.76 each
Hydraulic oil filters & replacement elements. 
Hydraulic motors for cranes and hands. 
Manual hydraulic control handles for all valve banks. 
ICC safety kits to meet federal regulations.
Load Holding Valves
Flow control Valves
Magnetic Control Valves
Pilot Operated Check Valves
Hydraulic Hose Kits