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ACI offers New Tire Service Trucks and combinations between, New OTR Tire Service Trucks, and Used OTR Tire Service Trucks. As well as parts, compressors, and cranes.  


ACI offers New Tire Service Truck Packages, Premium Re-manufactured Tire Service Trucks and combinations between. New OTR Tire Service Trucks, and Used OTR Tire Service Trucks. As well as parts, compressors, and cranes.

Nestled in the heart of Iowa, American Crane Inc. is a custom manufacturer of tire service trucks for the construction, mining, commercial service and other specialty markets.

Our product line consist of new, premium re-manufactured, and mechanically sound used equipment.  This way we can offer a custom service to meet our customers needs and budgets, by being able to mix and match our product lines.  Whether you need a completely new truck package, a used truck with a premium manufactured crane or a used chassis with a new crane.  We can provide that service to you.

ACI is located in Garner, Iowa. A small farming community with approximately 3000 people. Nestled in the heart of Iowa's finest farmland, halfway between Des Moines, IA and Minneapolis, MN. Garner has become known as the "Tire Service Truck Capital of the WORLD" because of the vast amount of tire service trucks and tire handling equipment that is produced in this small Iowa town.

Let us build a new tire service package for you. Check out our inventory or give us a call about our premium manufactured trucks, and mechanically sound used trucks.  As well as New, Premium re-manufactured, and Used OTR Tire Trucks.

Below are two videos which one of our customer shot of ACI supplied crane and new tire manipulator. 

Check out our 7415 Crane with 32100 Tire Manipulator at work on Ag tiresClick here for a video

Check out the 7415  Crane changing out  Fat tires to skinnies on a sprayer.  Click here for the video

John’s innovative ideas have allowed him to be a leader in the service truck industry. In this Iowa Entrepreneur, see the story behind American Crane.





Splitter lines with hi-pressure shutoff valves for operating 2 bead breakers or more systems at the same time.
  • Easy to install no more air in line freeze ups!
  • 4-Gal. Oil Capacity
  • Heated oil Reservoir
  • 12 or 24-volt system
  • Dual line - Dual pressure.
  • Can be installed on any service truck in the field with a minimum of 6 GPM flow with 2,300 PSI
  • Eliminates air operated foot pumps and the expensive maintenance.